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Wardrobe Refresh

It is common that people feel "I have a wardrobe full of clothes and  still have nothing to wear". Let me help make your wardrobe exciting again.  A Wardrobe Refresh can be a real style changer.  We all depend on that wardrobe to house the pieces to suit our daily fashion choices but sometimes the correct choices are not there.  The wardrobe refresh starts with a body shape and colour analysis.  Once this is completed, we look to the wardrobe, going through all your pieces.  I will work with you, styling outfits with pieces you love to wear while weeding out fashion choices that do not work or are no longer adding value to your wardrobe.  I will also list the essential pieces that are missing in your wardrobe so you can shop with purpose.  You will Never have That NOTHING TO WEAR feeling again!

 Pricing: 3 hours - €195

Basic travel charges may apply pending location.

Book your Wardrobe Analysis Appointment now:

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