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Top tips for transitional Dressing - Summer to Autumn.

There is no doubt that dressing for the in between seasons can be tricky. When the colours start to change outside but the temperatures yo-yo from warm to chill.

The new season fashions and trends are staring to appear but we are not ready to let go of the White summer pants just yet. i have put together some of my top tips to help you look your best during the seasons change.

No 1 - Mix your colours And prints

When the temperature is still hot but the Date says September think anout mixing your summer colours & prints. Don’t go head to toe summer tones. Bring a little Autumn with trend shade into your wardrobe. Try a Camel & Cream, Black & White or a Pink & Navy combo for a chic update.

No 2. Add a layer

There is no doubt that there can be an evening chill in September so don’t get caught out without a cover up. Try adding a layer to your outfit in the form of a Denim jacket a cashmere Cardigan or a loose fitting Jacket Or Shaket. You can also add a fine layer under your favourite summer dress.

No 3 - Combine Fabric textures

Don‘t shy away from wearing different fabrics together. Combine your light silks cotton & Linens with a heavier fabric like Denim, Wool, Leather or any Autumn Fabrics Mix.

No 4 - Swap out your key accessories.

Moving between seasons is definitely tricky but try changing your go to bag from A summer straw to a leather or heavier weight Fabric. A Red bag is a great investment as it will add colour to any neutral plus is a chic alternative.

Summer espadrilles can be swapped for loafer or a closed toe court.

Strappy summer sandals also look great with a darker Shade denim jeans. Animal print accessories are a Autumn 2021 update.

No 5 - Add a key Trend update to your wardrobe

I’m not a big followers of trends and enjoy wearing classic pieces and styles that I can bring with me from year to year but I do believe that picking a trend & colour that you like will defiantly inject new life to some of your existing pieces.

Make sure before you purchase that you can wear this with at lease 5 existing pieces in your wardrobe.

I hope this gives you some ideas for the tricky season transition dressing.

Till next time.

Tess X 😀

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