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“To buy or not to buy That is the Question” Guide to a real deal.

December is the month of excess and lots of shopping. no matter how much one tries not to get caught up

in the frenzy of Christmas and gifting it is unavoidable. Shopping in the January sales however is another persuit not for the faint hearted. Head turning bargains are being marketed to us constantly through all forms of media & retail advertising. it is so difficult not to be tempted but the reality is it’s really only a bargain when

A- You love it and would have paid full price for it

B- You have 10 outfit ideas for the sale piece.

C- You need high quality classics and the sales are the best time to pick them up at the best price.

D- This sale piece will fill styling gaps in your wardrobe and complete outfits otherwise left in the dark.

E- You will get plenty of wear from it is A/W22 and beyond.

F- Or like me you convince yourself you just have to have it. 😀

I liove a good bargain which can still be found at the end for the sale season .

Size choice is limited but when you find that item that will add to your existing wardrobe it is a great thrill when you turn the price tag to find its now 70% off. 🎉

My recent Top sales finds are


Kind intarsia wool and cotton-blend sweater




now €149

Ella Cruz Sandal was €59.99 now 29.99

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