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5 Must have Basics for your Autumn/ Winter wardrobe

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Hi there, now that the shops are jam packed full of A/W collections it’s hard to identify what you need verses what you want. Identifying the key pieces you need to pull your outfits together is the trick to always having something to wear. Obviously as the seasons roll by and our wordrobe needs change the basics need to be swapped out, updated or just replaced altogether.we can get caught up in the glamour of all the desirable fashion on offer spending our time amd money on stand out pieces but if you don’t have the basics then you will struggle with putting your looks togethe. It’s like going to the grocery store and you buy the filling for your sandwich but you neglect to buy the Bread & butter.

- Always choose your basics around the colours you wear & look best on you. i.e Warm or cool colours - Your Basics will be the items in your wardrobe that you will wear the most so buy well. Send what you can afford on the best quality available.

- Don’t get too caught up on Trends. You need your basic items to work for you so while trends are constantly changing your basics are quality items that stand the test of time.

1 A/W 21 - The Coat

Lifestyle dictates Your needs.

Casual, Work , Formal.

I find that the Oversized Puffa style is the most versatile for the colder month.

Tip- Formal style coats last the test of time in Wool/ Cashmere Mix.

2 Basic Knits

Knit wear is seasonal but when it comes to layering they are an essential. From fine knit polo jumpers to chunky cable oversized sweaters & Cardigans your A/W wardrobe is not complete without them. Tip - choose your knit basics depending on your own style & needs. Tip - check out High Street Brands Premium Collections for best value quality knits.